Frequently asked questions

1. What is the Compensation Portal?
The Compensation Portal offers HR experts exclusive online access to high-quality compensation data from many European countries.

Each access gives you the opportunity to query compensation data according to a wide range of selection criteria and to generate individually compiled reports of the results.

2. What distinguishes the Compensation Portal from other compensation databases?
The Kienbaum Compensation Database is based on a database that has been maintained and continuously developed over decades in cooperation with companies from all industries. It is unique in terms of its qualitative depth and breadth, and provides our clients with professional support in all national and international compensation issues. In addition, as a client of the Compensation Portal, you will receive personal support from our Kienbaum consultants.
3. What does the Kienbaum Compensation Portal offer?
Kienbaum offers full access to compensation data for more than 240 positions – from board members to managing directors, executives, specialists and skilled workers – from more than ten European countries:

  • Unlimited number of queries
  • All relevant industries
  • Diverse selection criteria
  • Individual setting options
  • Saving of recurring job and company profiles as well as the queries made
  • Comparison of own data with the market
4. How many positions are included in the Kienbaum Compensation Portal?
Compensation data on over 240 positions in more than 20 industries and over 10 countries can be found in the Kienbaum Compensation Portal.
5. Who is the Compensation Portal interesting for?
The Compensation Portal is an ideal tool for managing directors and board members, HR managers and HR experts.
6. Who can use the Compensation Portal?
The Compensation Portal is only accessible to companies. You will define an administrator for your company and can independently create additional user accounts for your employees including controllable rights assignment.
7. Can I test the Compensation Portal without obligation?
Yes, you can register for the test version without obligation and free of charge and receive limited access to the Compensation Portal for two weeks. Simply use the contact form.
8. How much does the access to the Compensation Portal cost?
The prices for access vary depending on the number of countries required, your company size and the agreed term. In order to find the right combination for you and thus the most suitable price, please contact us personally.
9. How can I register for the Compensation Portal?
Contact your Kienbaum consultant. Send us an e-mail to or use our contact form. We will contact you immediately.
10. How and how quickly will I be activated for the Compensation Portal?
To access the Compensation Portal, two conditions must be given:

  • We have received a signed registration form from you, in which the contractual conditions are recorded.
  • We have a signed contract for commissioned data processing. You hereby allow Kienbaum to save your remuneration data and process it in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions. We need this contract in any case before granting access, although Kienbaum does not oblige its customers to provide their own remuneration data, because the application allows every user to enter their own data at any time on a voluntary basis.

As soon as we have received these two documents, you will receive an e-mail with a link to register with “MyKienbaum”, the central user account of Kienbaum. Here you register with your e-mail address and a password. After completing this registration, you can directly access the Compensation Portal.

11. Do I have to provide my own salary data?
There is no general obligation to provide own salary data. In any case, the application offers you the option of importing your own salary data on a voluntary basis if you wish to do so for your analyses.
12. How does the data delivery work?
You can load your own compensation data records into the application in three ways:

  • First, you can use the online questionnaire provided for this purpose within the application, in which you manually enter and save all relevant compensation elements individually.
  • Second, a questionnaire in Excel format is available to you, which you can fill in electronically on your PC and then upload again filled in with all the data. Alternatively, you can also send us this questionnaire and we will take care of the upload for you.
  • Third, you can also simply send us your compensation data in the format in which you have them and which is therefore easiest for you. Kienbaum will then take over the preparation and import for you.
13. Does Kienbaum support me with data delivery?
For large amounts of data you can provide us with an export from your system. If you are interested in this form of data provision, please contact us directly. We will be happy to assist you in selecting the required data fields and matching the positions.
14. Which method is the Compensation Portal based on?
We use state-of-the-art statistical methods for forecasting compensation key figures in order to make valid statements based on the data. The results of the analysis are determined by statistical methods, such as linear and non-linear regression models. The plausibility and validity of the results are comprehensively ensured by the statistical analyses and at the same time their quality is continuously checked by experienced compensation consultants.
15. What is done to ensure data quality?
An essential determinant for the quality of the analysis is the data basis. Besides the pure size of the sample, the quality of the data plays an important role. We use state-of-the-art statistical methods to ensure the quality of the data. Basically, the data quality of the raw data can already be rated as very good, since we receive the compensation data directly from the employers’ systems. Since this data basis is usually also relevant for payouts, the data is in most cases of high quality. In addition, we clean the data in fully automated processes to eliminate implausibilities, typing errors and outliers in the data. The result is a data set that meets the highest quality standards.
16. How often is the data updated?
The data for the Kienbaum Compensation Portal is updated twice a year.
17. Is data protection and data security guaranteed?
The web application Compensation Portal fulfills the highest security and quality standards and offers reliable and data protection compliant processing.

Here you can find our privacy policy for the Compensation Portal.

18. For which countries can I retrieve data?
Currently the Compensation Portal covers the countries Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Poland, Russia, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Czech Republic and Hungary.
19. According to which criteria can I select?
Depending on the country and module, you can select according to the following criteria, among others:

Position-specific criteria: Position, job family, sub-family, job level, position characteristics, hierarchy level, personnel responsibility (for managers), position affiliation and age.

Company-specific criteria: Country, industry, legal form, number of employees, turnover/balance sheet total/gross premiums, group dependency, region/state, metropolitan area.

20. How can I select positions?
There are several options available for position selection:

  • via free text search incl. “Auto Suggest” function
  • via a filter function according to job families and hierarchy levels (“job selector”)
  • via the selection of individual or aggregation of several items (“Job Creator”)
21. Which remuneration components are issued?
The following remuneration components are provided: Basic compensation, annual variable compensation (STI), total cash compensation, multi-period variable compensation (LTI), total direct compensation, dissemination of variable compensation, dissemination of additional benefits.
22. Which statistical parameters are mapped?
In the Compensation Portal, the following statistical parameters are used to describe compensation data on the market:

  • Average value
  • Median
  • Quartiles
  • 10th/90th percentile
23. Can I compare my own data with market data?
Yes, you can compare your own compensation data with the market data both in tabular and graphical form. In the tabular display, the position of your data is evaluated in comparison to the market.
24. Is the Kienbaum grading "KRIEM" integrated?
Yes, you can have the KRIEM grades displayed with the results and also directly query the KRIEM grade compensation bands.
25. How are my results displayed?
You can choose to have the results output as online output, PDF result report or Excel export.
26 How many users can use the Compensation Portal in my company?
You appoint an administrator for your company, who can define the other users independently of Kienbaum. The number of additional users depends on the contractual agreement you have made.
27. How do I manage my user accounts?
In the “Manage Account” area, the administrator of your company can independently create the sub-accounts for your company with different rights. The data about your company, the billing address and the administrator are processed by our site.
28. What is the duration of a subscription?
The duration of a Compensation Portal license is at least one year. If you take advantage of our offers for price advantages in case of a longer commitment, the duration depends on the individual contractual agreement with you.
29. Will my subscription be automatically renewed?
Your subscription will be automatically renewed unless you cancel at least 3 months before the end date of the subscription.
30. What happens to my customer data when my subscription expires?
After expiry of your subscription, your access and customer data will be deleted, unless we are obliged by law to retain them.
31. Which technical requirements must be met in order to use the compensation portal?
Web browser:

  • Google Chrome 79+
  • Microsoft Edge 79+
  • Firefox 73+
  • Safari 13+

Screen resolution:

  • at least 1024×768


  • SSL standard support
  • enabled JavaScript
  • Use of cookies
32. Is there training and support for the Compensation Portal?
As a customer of the Compensation Portal you will receive an introduction to the various functionalities of the tool in a webinar. Experience shows that due to the intuitive usability of the portal, the training needs of our users are usually covered. If you would like an on-site presentation, simply arrange the modalities with us.

In addition, our team is available to answer individual questions on weekdays between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. by e-mail at or by phone at +49-221-80172200.

For further questions, the expertise of our consultants is available to you at any time.

33. Who is my contact person for content-related and technical questions and problems?
Simply contact us at +49-221-80172200 or and we will immediately forward your request to the right person.